Redecorate Your Bedroom For Less

With both gas and food prices as high as they are today, people are becoming more budget conscious about everything. From shopping for holiday presents to weekend entertainment, people everywhere are looking for ways to save money. When it comes to home decorating, you might be surprised to know how much you can do for how little. Let’s use the bedroom as an example. Here are some simple tips on revamping your bedroom in an economical, yet stylish way!


Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

You’d be surprised at what a fresh coat of paint can do for a bedroom! Whether you stick with the original color or opt for a little splash of color, a fresh coat of paint will brighten up your room instantly! If you don’t want to spend the time repainting your entire bedroom, why not paint one accent or feature wall? This is the wall that you face when standing in the doorway.

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Another painting trick you could try would be making yourself a headboard behind your bed! Most beds don’t come with a fancy bed frame, and look pretty unfortunate just sitting on top of a box spring. All you have to do is measure the width of your bed and mark it with painters tape on the wall, against which your headboard will rest. Choose a color of paint that complements your room’s decor and voila! Instant headboard!

Change Up Your Top Of Bed

The first thing most people notice when walking into a bedroom, is the bed itself. By changing your bed linens seasonally, you are able to keep things spontaneous, fresh and interesting. It’s a good idea to have at least two different comforters or duvet covers – or at least one reversible comforter or duvet cover. Go with cooler colors in spring and summer (i.e. – whites, blues, greens, etc.) and something warmer in the fall and winter (i.e. – browns, reds, oranges). If you can’t justify purchasing two bed spreads, at least consider changing up the decorative pillows you have on top of your bed. Decorative pillows are a great way to show off your personal style and are fairly inexpensive.

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Now buy a couple of area rugs and throw up some nice wall art and you’ve got yourself a sharp looking bedroom! The best part of this little makeover is that you can change things up whenever you get bored and it won’t cost you a pretty penny!


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