Painting a Bathroom Vanity

Painting  a bathroom vanity is an inexpensive alternative to replacing it.  Bathrooms are subject to a lot of wear and tear over time and can begin to look very worn. Commonly used areas can become dirty and stained. Removing a bathroom vanity requires a lot of work and quite expensive. This can be simply remedied by painting the vanity. Take the time to prepare the area.  It will result in a bathroom vanity that looks brand new.

  • Remove all of the hardware, door knobs, hinges, vanity doors and drawers from the bathroom vanity. These will be painted separately.  Place all hinges and drawer pulls and place in a bag so that pieces are not lost.
  • Use soap, water and a rag to clean the entire area of the vanity in preparation for painting. Also clean the doors and drawers.
  • Using fine grit sand paper or an electric sander,  sand the surface of the vanity.  Remove any gloss or finish that is on the surface of the vanity. Lightly sanding will also provide a better surface for the primer to adhere to. Repeat this process on all of the doors and drawers.
  • Using a paint brush or small roller, paint the primer on to the surfaces of the vanity, doors and drawers. Attempt get an even coat across all of the areas since the primer will be bonding the paint to the surfaces. Allow this to completely dry and apply a second coat if necessary.
  • Again, using a paint brush or small roller, paint the desired color of paint on to the bathroom vanity, doors and drawers. Make sure that all surfaces are covered with the paint and if necessary, apply a second coat of paint. Allow this to completely dry.
  • Apply a clear latex polyurethane to the vanity, doors and drawers.  This will give added protection and also add shine to the surfaces.  Allow this to dry.
  • Replace all of the hardware and reinstall all of the doors and drawers to the bathroom vanity.  You’re vanity is now as good as new.
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