Outdoor Living Room

I have to admit that we are spoiled living here in Florida where most of the year the weather is fairly pleasant. Because of this, seven years ago we decided to bring our living outdoors and attempted to make the most of our yard by adding some outdoor decor. We wanted a place to entertain family and friends without the confines of the house. It has actually turned out to be a great thing since there is so much room outdoors and the house never gets dirty when we have guests visiting. Creating an outdoor living room is one of the best improvements we have made to our home.

In recent years, most of the major stores have started to carry a large amount of outdoor living décor. These items have really become big sellers. There are so many things to choose from and so many different ideas out there.

If you want to create an outdoor living room, you need to think about what you want it to include. Today, it goes way beyond lawn furniture. See if you find any of these ideas appealing and add them to your list.

  • Of course you will need furniture. It can be anything from plastic to cushioned chairs and sofas. Remember if you purchase outdoor furniture, make sure it has outdoor fabric.
  • Today, there are beautiful fireplaces that are made just for outdoors. A more inexpensive version is a fire pit. You can also purchase these in stores or build one yourself. If building one, make sure to use fire brick on the inside. You will also need to use mortar made especially for use with fire. These can be purchased at your home improvement store. Make it your own style. We recycled old pavers by using them on the outside of the fire pit to give it an old stone look.
  • There are stereo speakers that are made for outdoors. They are cleverly hidden in fake rocks and can be a nice addition to your backyard space.
  • There are all types of outdoor lighting available from low voltage to solar to lanterns. You can create a really nice atmosphere by using solar lighting and candle lit lanterns. Don’t forget about those holiday lights. Wrap those around trees and bushes for a twinkling light effect.
  • You can purchase a grill or you can build one. Again, if you build one, remember to use fire brick on the inside. We built ours which includes counter space on both sides and cabinets underneath. When it’s cold out, we are able to also use it as a fireplace.
  • You can use pre-formed pavers on the ground. Another alternative is to pour concrete. If you have concrete on the ground, get creative with it. While it is curing, press trinkets into it. Paint it freehand with an interesting design or use stencils. Just make sure to seal it when it has dried so that it last for several years.
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These are just a few ideas of what you can do outside. We have done all of them and enjoy it more each year. Our project for this year just might be a small version of a miniature golf course. It’s a lot of fun to come up with new ideas for creating an outdoor living room for entertaining. The added bonus is that your guests will love it.


I’d love to hear more ideas of what can be done to create a beautiful and more comfortable outdoor. Please post and share your ideas or what you have already done.


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