How To Make A Decorative Rug

Are you ready for a custom made decorative rug? Several years ago when I was living in a different home, we had wall to wall carpeting put down in each room. At that time Berber carpeting was the big thing. So Berber it was for every room. I personally love Berber carpeting because it keeps much cleaner than regular rugs. For one of the rooms I had picked a remnant since it was cheaper and the size was well within what I needed. After it was put down, I had a very large piece of leftover rug. What do you do with leftover rug pieces? Throw them in the garage, put them in front of a door, throw them out? If you have a large piece of rug, you have to try this.

The house had high gloss tile in the entry way, the halls and the kitchen. I was always worried that someone was going to go flying when coming into the house when it had been raining and their shoes were wet. We all know how slippery wet tile can be. Well, when I had that piece of extra rug I decided to try something.
I took the rug and turned it over and with a marker I outlined a design. It was an irregular pattern, free flowing, with no square edges. The only straight line was the part that was up against the door threshold.

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I then took a rug knife and very carefully cut along the design I had made. It does take some time to do because any rug can be difficult to cut.

After the cutting is done, trim away any stray pieces of rug weaving or knot any loops that may be unravelling.

Now take cording or seam binding to match your décor and hot glue it to the rug. You will need to hot glue it to both the front and bank of the rug creating an neat edge. Since the rug is free flowing, you will have to overlap or pleat the binding several times. Take your time and make sure it is fully glued.

When this is done, take a hot iron and go over the edge to flatten it out.

Turn over and take a look at your new rug. Believe me, you won’t be able to find this in a store. It is your creation. When I made mine for my former home, it was a stopper when you first entered the home. People would come in, step on it, look at it and ask me where I bought it. They loved it and wanted one. So I would have to get down on the floor and show them how to make it. I know for a fact that this rug is still there in the entry hall and still looking good. I just wish I had taken a picture back then.

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If you have a large piece of rug left over, I really encourage you to try making your own decorative rug. Or you may even find a small inexpensive remnant that you can use.

If you ever tried making a decorative rug like this, please share your experience in the comments below.

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