Green Office Furniture – A New Approach Towards A Greener Planet

In this era of ruthless attack of pollution and rapidly declining forest zones on the planet, the need to go green is greater than ever. Environmental knowledge has found its new voice in a campaign towards green office furniture that many organizations now prefer.

An excellent way to preserve earth\’s delicate ecology is to go for modular offices. Such an office requires much lesser material and thus helps protect trees. Less material not only implies less trees felled, but also means lesser expenditure borne by organizations to build these offices. It\’s lesser expensive to make modular offices, and being small in size, they also mean lesser rent for the company.

Used or recycled furniture placed in offices also greatly helps in conserving the fast depleting natural resources. This kind of furniture normally requires only small modifications and fulfils the needs of most offices comfortably. The economic downslide has resulted in several businesses going out of business, and they are now selling off their furniture at throw away prices, and this chance can be lapped up by businesses planning to set up a new office. The mineral and forest resources of the planet are conserved by the use of second hand furniture, without having to make any compromises in terms of quality.

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There are ways to ensure that the furniture being used is green even if it is fresh from the factory. The new furniture must be made of reusable materials and must be of local make so that the freight does not result in serious emissions from carriers.

Ensure that deadly chemicals such as CFCs and HCFCs, which cause immense damage to the ozone layer, have not been used in the production of foams. The wood for the furniture must have come from trees, which can be re-sown and grown quickly, thus reducing the harm to the forests. Last but not the least, you must be economical and buy only the minimum furniture that would fulfil your needs.

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