Cleaning Outdoor Furniture and Accessories

Trying to keep outdoor furniture and accessories becomes a tremendous chore.  It’s like having another room to clean.  The deck, the chairs, the cushions, the flower pots, the tables and everything in between needs a good cleaning.   The sun is shining and it’s already getting hot.  I know I really don’t want to do this but I have to.  So I’ll do it the same way I have done in the past and hopefully it will last throughout the entire summer.  Well, maybe not the whole summer but at least half of the summer.  It’s time to grab those cleaning supplies and prepare to clean! Let’s get cleaning our outdoor furniture and accessories so we can sit back and enjoy the summer.


Cleaning Solution

  • In a bucket, mix together dish soap, borax and water.  Put on some rubber gloves and grab a sponge.  Use this solution to wipe down everything in your path.


  • Naturally you are going to wipe down the tops of tables but what really needs to be cleaned isunderneath.  That is where those pesky insects like to make their nests.  Make sure to get in between every nook and cranny.  Rinse with a hose.
  • For concrete tables and benches that have started to look moldy, you will need to wash with a solution of bleach.  If you don’t want to use bleach, the next best thing is to use a power washer.
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  • For regular chairs, clean the same as tables concentrating on the underneath.
  • For chairs with cushions made with outdoor fabric, wash down with the borax solution and then rinse with a hose.  Make sure to get all of the soap off.

Here is a tip if you have an outdoor pool. Throw the cushions in the pool and leave them for an hour or so floating on the surface.  Then turn over so that the other side is in the water.  The chlorine and sun will clean them.  When clean, take them out and let them dry in the sun.  Drying may take more than a day depending on how much water they absorbed, but they do come out clean.

Outdoor Décor

  • Traveling around your back and front yard, wash down all hanging decorations, flower pots, light fixtures and even gutters with the borax solution followed by a good rinsing with the hose.
  • Wash down any over hang of the house since this is where insects make nests.  Also, don’t forget the entry way overhangs and light fixtures.  When done, if there is any solution left, pour it into the gutters and let it run down.  It will clean out any bugs that have decided to live there.
  • Another trick is to paint the top of an entry way, patio or porch (meaning the ceiling) a very light blue or very light lavender.  This prevents insects from making nests.  I don’t know how, but it does work.  I learned this on a tour in Key West, Fl where all of the porch roofs are painted these colors for this reason.  So I did it at my house and yes it works.  No cobwebs, no wasp nests, nothing.
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So get going and get it done before it gets too hot.  Then when your done, pour yourself a nice cold drink and be the first one to sit outdoors on a nice clean chair.  Cleaning outdoor furniture is a tedious job but once it is done it does last for quite some time.

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